Uccello“Stop right there,” Uccello’s usual bodyguard and driver demands as I stumble in the front door of the Uccello mob’s apartment building.

It is a place I am familiar with, having visited the building for two consecutive weeks. The walls are a dark earth tone, and compromised of two-foot tiles, running floor to ceiling. The second-floor paint is blue to contrast with the darker walls. The floor is another color—white—juxtaposing with the darker hues.

Baxter knew me. He drove Antonio and me to the building the first time I had a meeting with the mob boss. Baxter is your stereotypical thug, brawny arms, barely any neck for the muscles that take over his shoulders, and a square face that would scare anyone in the dark.

“I need to see Antonio. I won’t move, but you need to call up and tell him Jasmine is here.”

Uccello should have arrived before me—if he left the courthouse and went straight to the apartment. I cannot imagine him going elsewhere or entering after me, but time is cloudy. I keep my hands by my side in a clear position for Baxter to see I do not carry a weapon. It is a struggle to see with my vision waning.

I can feel the blood flowing down my back, with my shirt absorbing blood and sticking to my skin. What blood my shirt and leather jacket do not catch is permeating my pants. If the wound is as bad as it feels, drops of blood will soon hit the floor.

Book 2 is available on Amazon, with returning characters from Jasmine’s Case Files: #62016 Myles. Will this case prove more difficult than Jasmine anticipates? Does it relate to Myles Jasper or will she develop new relationships? Find out by downloading the book today.


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