furyborn Furyborn is a book I got my hands on as an Advanced Copy, and even now I struggle to find the words to review this amazing tale. It is a must-read for 2018 fantasy lovers.

Claire Legrand begins the story with Reille Dardenne, a young woman who has suffered but become stronger because of it. She finds herself in a position that she must save her friend and the person she loves the most. In saving this man, Reille reveals she is one of two prophesied queens.

Fast-forward one thousand years and now we see Eliana Ferracora, another strong woman who does what she can to save her family. Eliana is born in a time when the prophecy of two queens is more myth than reality. But, as the story moves on she must face the reality of her past and future.

Furyborn is the first in a series of books called the Empirium Trilogy. Its release date is in May 2018 and I can promise you will wish the second book is available. Complete with magic, time travel, and two women who need to face their past to see a better future–Furyborn is an epic tale young adults and adults will enjoy.

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