JASMINES CASE FILES Aprils CoverJasmine’s Case Files: #063019 April’s Marker is available on Amazon Kindle. Check out Jasmine’s sixth case involving Port Bailey, New York.

Only six months after providing a marker to April Uccello, Jasmine is approached to fulfill the debt. Will she decide to bend to Dominic “Dom” Westgate’s best friend or will she keep to her word about how the favor can be used?

Discover what is in store for Jasmine and learn more about her past in the sixth installment. Things are heating up between Dom and Jasmine, but will this marker put a rift between them or is it Dom’s penchant for pushing Jasmine to own her feelings that will make things difficult?

For those who have missed Jasmine’s first five cases, visit Amazon Kindle and start reading from the beginning, with Jasmine’s Case Files: #062017 Myles. Jasmine is an information specialist, aka hacker, who does favors for numerous world organizations, while planning the mission of a lifetime against North Korea.

Soon, Jasmine will face her biggest nemesis and only then will we know if she survives.

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