Working in a bookstore I always get asked, “What is the most popular book right now?” The answer is more complicated than just one book. Sure, I could answer with my favorite book, but that won’t fit the customer request. So, here are some of the books that are flying out the door in fiction and non-fiction categories.

where the crawdadsI have not read this book, yet, however my coworkers have and they rave about the style, content, and the amazing ending. I have to trust their words and the fact that as a fictional story it has been number one on our Indie Bestseller List for over a month. The minute we get more copies, they are sold. To confess, I didn’t jump on the Harry Potter bandwagon when it first came out because I don’t like to follow popular opinion with books, but sometimes it is worth it. I think the main theme in Where the Crawdads Sing is worth checking out.

brothers downAnyone who reads history and wants to enjoy military tales, Brother’s Down is the book to read this summer. Walter Borneman might be local to Estes Park, where I live and work; however, it is the story he is telling that piques my interest. Brother’s Down talks about several families, who sent their sons to Pearl Harbor. These brothers all worked on the same ship, one that went down during the horrific massacre. The incident not only changed families forever it gave rise to the rule that no family member can serve in the same regiment to avoid entire families being wiped out during battle.

EducatedEducated is still on the bestsellers list for non-fiction, biography and why shouldn’t it be? A story of one young woman going against her family to gain an education and a better life is very powerful.

While I have only listed three, above, there are dozens of other books that should be recognized as summer reads. City of Girls, Pioneers, Ensemble, City of Brassand The Gentleman from Moscow are all books to pick up if you are looking for amazing style, themes, and educational content.

Don’t forget to check back next week to see what else is worth reading!

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