Millions of people are trying to find ways to work, to keep occupied, and deal with the pandemic. You might need a few book suggestions for your kids or yourself. In Colorado, stay-at-home orders have been extended, and mountain towns like Estes Park are ghostly with empty streets and closed shops. But, striving to help Indie Bookstores, plenty of employees are offering up reading suggestions and ways to buy books to support locals.

Ways to Support Authors and Indie Bookstores

Independent bookstores are suffering from closures, but they are getting help from diehard fans. There are several ways you can support your favorite authors and Indie Book Shops, like Macdonald Book Shop.

  1. Call and see if the shop is offering curbside or direct-to-home sales.
  2. Order from Indie Book Shop websites for direct-to-home delivery.
  3. Check out Bookshop
  4. Buy AudioBooks.
  5. Buy gift certificates to use when the shop is open, fulltime again.

Bookshop is supporting Indie stores, you can decide which store will get a cut of the profits from your purchase, plus you receive a discount for ordering from the online shop. The geniuses behind the website increased Indie shares to 30% during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Book Suggestions for Kids and Teens

Your children need to read for school, and you might want them to have extra school work to keep the learning going. Plenty of things are available. Here are some favorites you might want to buy for your kids or teens.

  1. The Odd 1’s Out, a young reader graphic novel based on a favorite TV program.
  2. Kate the Chemist: Dragons vs. Unicorns, a science and theater-based story kids will love.
  3. Nancy Drew the Curse, for teens, based on the hit CW series.
  4. Kingdom Keepers, books one and two, a Disney tale from inside the park!
  5. Artemis Fowl, a new release to ready for the new series on TV.

Adult Fiction

  1. Night Fire by Michael Connelly, out in paperback!
  2. Dark Age by Pierce Brown, available in paperback.
  3. Sin Eater by Megan Campsis, a new fiction debut that is sure to have you thinking.
  4. Stroke of Malice by Anna Lee Huber, a historical mystery, available in softcover.


  1. The Five, you might be tired of Jack the Ripper, but have you ever read anything about the women he killed? The Five is not about the murderer, but the poor women and their stories.

The above books are just a few suggestions for this week. Check back to see what else you might want to read in the coming weeks. Please stay safe. Keep your distance, and have hope we will get through this no matter the challenges we each face.

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